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Tele-RT (radiological technologist) allows healthcare facilities to remotely control large-scale medical imaging equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. After successful implementation, examinations can be carried out and supported either by your team or by our Tele-RTs in the remote office. Our certified Tele-RT team is available for you around the clock.

Why Tele-RT?

There is a shortage of specialists to operate radiology equipment in radiologypractices and hospitals. Around one in ten MTR positions remain unfilled. Thenumber of graduates has fallen alarmingly in recent years, from around 2,300 toless than 1,400 per year

Whether you have a bottleneckdue to vacation, illness or other absences of your experienced MTRs or havedifficulties staffing night, holiday and weekend services, our Tele-MTRA service will help you to keep your large appliances running efficiently andwithout interruption.

Our customized IT solution enables you to controlseveral large appliances from one console, regardless of manufacturer andlocation. This allows you to use the expertise of an MTR at severalworkstations simultaneously. In addition, younger MTRs have the option ofcontacting experienced MTRs for complex examinations to ensure the high qualityof the diagnostic images.

What is Tele-RT?

Tele-RT is an IT solution that allows healthcare facilities to remotely control largemedical devices regardless of manufacturer and location. As soon as our IT-solution is connected, we have a wide range of options to support you with your examinations.

How can you use Tele-RT?

Youcan use our solution for your own employees as well as for support from our Tele-RTs from the remote office. Our permanent Tele-RT team consists oftested, manufacturer-certified RTs who are available for you 24/7.

From problem to solution

We attach great importance to providing our customers with an all-round service.That's why we accompany you through every step of the project and are there foryou even after completion.

  • Evaluation of the internal
  • Configuration of a personalized
    Tele-RT solution
  • IT-onboarding for all involved
    in the project
  • Our IT team carries out the
    customized installation
  • Tele-RT product instruction
    and training at your premises
  • All desired large diagnostic
    devices are now ready for
    remote - scanning
  • Training and further eduction
    for your Employees
  • Quality analysis
  • Software updates -
    Maintenance and service

Ihre Möglichkeiten mit Tele-MTRA

Your possibilities with Tele-RT

One of the most important functions of Tele-RT is to make the expertise of experienced medical-technical radiologyassistants available regardless of geographical distance. This has far-reaching implications for patient care and the healthcare system as a whole. Some of the key applications of Tele-RT are:


Monitoring/-Control Modus

Erfahrene MTR führt
Weiterbildung durch


Monitoring Modus

Erfahrene MTR begleitet

Emergency Support

Control Modus

Erfahrene MTR führt
Not-Untersuchung durch


Control Modus

Erfahrene MTR führt
Untersuchung durch


Monitoring Modus

Erfahrene MTR begleitet und
unterstützt bei Untersuchung


Monitoring/-Control Modus

Erfahrene MTR unterstützt mit
Fachwissen bei Untersuchung
Tele-MTRA Anwendungsarten
Experts in our

We combine over 30 years of know-how

Our know-how is made up of a team of experienced specialists and a network of associated partners with many years of experience in the entire field of medical technology. By using our services, we provide you with efficient and manufacturer-neutral solutions for your medical technology needs. We accompany you from the initial idea through to ongoing operation.

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We believe that the best decisions and solutions often emerge from a broad spectrum of opinions. Through open communication, we create an environment in which ideas thrive and innovation is encouraged.


We believe that great performance is achieved through the collective effort and support of all team members. Every member plays an important role and contributes to the success of our company.

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