About Us

Welcome to 3H-Vision GmbH. We are proud to introduce you to our dedicated team and our mission.

Our Vision

Our vision at 3H-Vision is to be the leading provider of personalized and vendor-neutral solutions in the field of medical technology with a focus on imaging diagnostics, in which we fully combine the areas of personnel, tele-MTRA solutions, system maintenance and consulting. We want to help our customers find efficient solutions for their medical technology needs by providing fast and uncomplicated access to our solutions. Our know-how is based on a team of experienced specialists and a network of associated partners with many years of experience in the entire field of diagnostic imaging and general medical technology. Our aim is to offer our customers the best possible support in every phase - from the initial idea to ongoing operation. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions to guarantee our customers the best possible support.Translated with

Our Management

Markus Herrmann

CEO 3H-Vision GmbH

Jose Abellan

Leitung Sales & Marketing Tele-MTRA

Andrea Herrmann

BD-Manager / HR-Manager

Ron Herrmann

Digital Marketing Manager

Our company history

3H-Vision GmbH was founded in 2013, on April 4, 2013 to be precise, in Reutlingen by Markus Herrmann. Since our beginnings, we have continued to develop and are proud of our milestones: In 2015, we introduced a matching platform for MTRAs (medical-technical radiology assistants) and became a pioneer in the placement of medical professionals throughout Germany. In 2019, we turned our idea into reality and developed our tele-MTRA service. This innovative solution has since revolutionized the way medical examinations are carried out. In 2021, we became a pioneer in the field of vendor-neutral remote scanning. With currently over 20 connected healthcare facilities, we are proud to position 3H-Vision GmbH as a leader in this field. Our history reflects our relentless commitment to innovation and service excellence. We pride ourselves on providing high quality solutions to our customers and look forward to a promising future as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in medical technology.